Jerry Lee Lewis - Who s Gonna Play This Old Piano


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"Who's Gonna Play This Old Piano?" is an album by Jerry Lee Lewis, released in 1972. This album is a notable part of his discography, showcasing his skills not just in rock and roll but also in country music, which he increasingly embraced during this period of his career. The album features a mix of country and honky-tonk tunes, reflecting Jerry Lee's versatility as a musician. The title track, "Who's Gonna Play This Old Piano?" is a reflective piece about the passing of time and the changing scenes in the music world. It's poignant, considering Jerry Lee Lewis's own status as a rock and roll pioneer who had transitioned to more country sounds amidst the changing musical landscape of the early 1970s. Other tracks on the album also highlight his ability to blend different styles, from heartfelt ballads to more upbeat numbers that feature his signature piano playing. The album is a blend of covers and original material, typical of many of Jerry Lee Lewis's recordings from this era.

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